Introducing GooglyPlusPlus!!!

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“We can lift ourselves out of ignorance, we can find ourselves as creatures of excellence and intelligence and skill.”

“Heaven is not a place, and it is not a time. Heaven is being perfect.”

“Your whole body, from wingtip to wingtip, is nothing more than your thought itself, in a form you can see. Break the chains of your thought, and you break the chains of your body, too.”

From Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, by Richard Bach

The metamorphosis is complete, from eggs to the butterfly. My R package yorkr , went on to becomeGoogly,  and then toGooglyPlus and  now finally GooglyPlusPlus. My latest R Shiny app now provides interactive visualisation of almost all data in Cricsheet . GooglyPlusPlus visualizes the following matches

1. ODI (men)

2. ODI (women)

3. Intl. T20 (men)

4. Intl T20 (women)

5. IPL (Indian Premier League)

6. BBL (Big Bash League)

7. NTB (Natwest T20)

8. PSL (Pakistan Super League)

9. WBBL – Women’s BBL

GooglyPlusPlus is entirely based on my R package yorkr. To know more about yorkr see ‘ Revitalizing R package yorkr ‘ and the roughly 25 posts on yorkr inIndex of posts

This Shiny app was quite involved and it took a lot of work to keep things organized and separate for the different forms of cricket. Anyway it is done and I am happy with the outcome.

Before you use the app, I would suggest that you take a look at the “ How to use GooglyPlusPlus? “. In this video, I show the different features of GooglyPlusPlus and how to navigate through them.

Check out GooglyPlusPlus Shiny at GooglyPlusPlus

You can clone/fork and play around with the code of GooglyPlusPlus here at Github

A. Highlights of GooglyPlusPlus.

The R Shiny app GooglyPlusPlus has the following main pages for the 9 different cricket formats. See below

Introducing GooglyPlusPlus!!!

Important note: Below I will be including some random output from the GooglyPlusPlus app for different match formats, however there is a lot more features in GooglyPlusPlus

1.  Indian Premier League (IPL)

a. IPL batsman – Batsman Runs vs Deliveries

Introducing GooglyPlusPlus!!!

b. IPL Match – Match  batting scorecard

Introducing GooglyPlusPlus!!!

c. Head-to-head between 2 IPL Teams – Team Batsmen Batting Partnership All Matches

Introducing GooglyPlusPlus!!!

d. Overall Performance – Team Bowling Scorecard Overall

Introducing GooglyPlusPlus!!!

2. International T20 Men

a. Batsman Function- Runs vs Strike rate

Introducing GooglyPlusPlus!!!

b. Bowler Function – Mean Economy Rate

Introducing GooglyPlusPlus!!!

3. International T20 (Women)

a.Batsman Functions – Batsman Cumulative Average Runs

Introducing GooglyPlusPlus!!!

b. Intl T20 Women’s match – Match worm Graph

Introducing GooglyPlusPlus!!!

4. Big Bash League (BBL)

a.Head-to-Head: Team batsmen batting partnerships

Introducing GooglyPlusPlus!!!

b.  Overall Performance – Team batsmen vs bowlers

Introducing GooglyPlusPlus!!!

5. Natwest T20 (NTB)

a. Head-to-head : Team bowlers vs batsmen

Introducing GooglyPlusPlus!!!

b. Batsman Runs vs Deliveries

Introducing GooglyPlusPlus!!!

6. Pakistan Super League (PSL)

a. Overall Performance – Batsmen Partnership

Introducing GooglyPlusPlus!!!

b. Bowling Scorecard

Introducing GooglyPlusPlus!!!

7. Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL)

a. Bowler wicket against opposition

Introducing GooglyPlusPlus!!!

8. One Day International (ODI) Men

a. Batsman Runs Against Opposition

Introducing GooglyPlusPlus!!!

b. Team Batsmen against bowlers

Introducing GooglyPlusPlus!!!

9. One Day International (ODI) women)

a. Match Batting Scorecard

Introducing GooglyPlusPlus!!!

b. Batsman Cumulative Strike Rate

Introducing GooglyPlusPlus!!!


There you have it. I have randomly shown  2 functions for each cricket format. There are many functions in each tab for the for the different match formats – namely IPL, BBL, Intl T20 (men,women), PSL etc.  Go ahead and give GooglyPlusPlus a spin!

To try out GooglyPlusPlus click GooglyPlusPlus . Don’t forget to check out the video How to use GooglyPlusPlus?

You can clone/fork the code from Github at GooglyPlusPlus

Hope you have fun with GooglyPlusPlus!!

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