PostgreSQL 9.6.3, 9.5.7, 9.4.12, 9.3.17 和 9.2.21 发布

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PostgreSQL 开发组发布了对数据库系统的所有支持版本的更新,包括 9.6.3、9.5.7、9.4.13、9.3.17 和 9.2.21。 此版本修复了三个重要安全问题,以及过去三个月报告的其他一些错误。


  1. CVE-2017-7484: selectivity estimators bypass SELECT privilege checks
  2. CVE-2017-7485: libpq ignores PGREQUIRESSL environment variable
  3. CVE-2017-7486: pg_user_mappings view discloses foreign server passwords


Fix to ensure consistent behavior for RLS policies

Fix ALTER TABLE ... VALIDATE CONSTRAINT to not recurse to child tables when the constraint is marked NO INHERIT

Fix incorrect support for certain box operators in SP-GiST which could yield incorrect results

Fixes for handling query cancellation

Skip tablespace privilege checks when ALTER TABLE ... ALTER COLUMN TYPE rebuilds an existing index

Fix possibly-invalid initial snapshot during logical decoding

Fix possible corruption of init forks of unlogged indexes

Several fixes to postmaster, including checks for when running as a Windows service

Several planner fixes, among others assorted minor fixes in planning of parallel queries

Avoid possible crashes in walsender and some index-only scans on GiST index

Fix cancelling of pg_stop_backup() when attempting to stop a non-exclusive backup

Updates to ecpg to support COMMIT PREPARED and ROLLBACK PREPARED

Several fixes for pg_dump/pg_restore, among others to handle privileges for procedural languages and when using --clean option

Several fixes for contrib modules, such as dblink, pg_trgm and postgres_fdw

Fixes to MSVC builds, such as using correct daylight-savings rules for POSIX-style time zone names and supporting Tcl 8.6

Several performance improvements

Fix cursor_to_xml() to produce valid output with tableforest = false

Fix roundoff problems in float8_timestamptz() and make_interval()

Fix pgbench to handle the combination of --connect and --rate options correctly

Fixes to commandline tools such as pg_upgrade and pg_basebackup

Several fixes to VACUUM and CLUSTER


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