Git log 命令

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git-log - Show commit logs


git log [<options>] [<revision range>] [[--] <path>...]


    Continue listing the history of a file beyond renames (works only for a single file).

--no-decorate, --decorate[=short|full|auto|no]
    Print out the ref names of any commits that are shown. If short is specified, the ref name prefixes refs/heads/, refs/tags/ and
    refs/remotes/ will not be printed. If full is specified, the full ref name (including prefix) will be printed. If auto is
    specified, then if the output is going to a terminal, the ref names are shown as if short were given, otherwise no ref names are
    shown. The default option is short.

    Print out the ref name given on the command line by which each commit was reached.

    Use mailmap file to map author and committer names and email addresses to canonical real names and email addresses. See git-

    Without this flag, git log -p <path>...  shows commits that touch the specified paths, and diffs about the same specified paths.
    With this, the full diff is shown for commits that touch the specified paths; this means that "<path>..." limits only commits, and
    doesn't limit diff for those commits.

    Note that this affects all diff-based output types, e.g. those produced by --stat, etc.

    Include a line "log size <number>" in the output for each commit, where <number> is the length of that commit's message in bytes.
    Intended to speed up tools that read log messages from git log output by allowing them to allocate space in advance.

-L <start>,<end>:<file>, -L :<funcname>:<file>
    Trace the evolution of the line range given by "<start>,<end>" (or the function name regex <funcname>) within the <file>. You may
    not give any pathspec limiters. This is currently limited to a walk starting from a single revision, i.e., you may only give zero
    or one positive revision arguments. You can specify this option more than once.

    <start> and <end> can take one of these forms:

    o   number

        If <start> or <end> is a number, it specifies an absolute line number (lines count from 1).

    o   /regex/

        This form will use the first line matching the given POSIX regex. If <start> is a regex, it will search from the end of the
        previous -L range, if any, otherwise from the start of file. If <start> is "^/regex/", it will search from the start of file.
        If <end> is a regex, it will search starting at the line given by <start>.

    o   +offset or -offset

        This is only valid for <end> and will specify a number of lines before or after the line given by <start>.

    If ":<funcname>" is given in place of <start> and <end>, it is a regular expression that denotes the range from the first funcname
    line that matches <funcname>, up to the next funcname line. ":<funcname>" searches from the end of the previous -L range, if any,
    otherwise from the start of file. "^:<funcname>" searches from the start of file.

<revision range>
    Show only commits in the specified revision range. When no <revision range> is specified, it defaults to HEAD (i.e. the whole
    history leading to the current commit).  origin..HEAD specifies all the commits reachable from the current commit (i.e.  HEAD), but
    not from origin. For a complete list of ways to spell <revision range>, see the Specifying Ranges section of gitrevisions(7).

[--] <path>...
    Show only commits that are enough to explain how the files that match the specified paths came to be. See History Simplification
    below for details and other simplification modes.

    Paths may need to be prefixed with ``-- '' to separate them from options or the revision range, when confusion arises.


# 显示当前分支的版本历史
$ git log

# 显示commit历史,以及每次commit发生变更的文件
$ git log --stat

# 搜索提交历史,根据关键词
$ git log -S [keyword]

# 显示某个commit之后的所有变动,每个commit占据一行
$ git log [tag] HEAD --pretty=format:%s

# 显示某个commit之后的所有变动,其"提交说明"必须符合搜索条件
$ git log [tag] HEAD --grep feature

# 显示某个文件的版本历史,包括文件改名
$ git log --follow [file]
$ git whatchanged [file]

# 显示指定文件相关的每一次diff
$ git log -p [file]

# 显示过去5次提交
$ git log -5 --pretty --oneline

查看更多 git log 命令的使用方法,可以使用命令:

git help log


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