Git worktree 命令

更新时间: 2019-07-13 17:17

git-worktree - Manage multiple working trees


git worktree add [-f] [--detach] [--checkout] [--lock] [-b <new-branch>] <path> [<branch>]
git worktree list [--porcelain]
git worktree lock [--reason <string>] <worktree>
git worktree prune [-n] [-v] [--expire <expire>]
git worktree unlock <worktree>


-f, --force
    By default, add refuses to create a new working tree when <branch> is already checked out by another working tree. This option
    overrides that safeguard.

-b <new-branch>, -B <new-branch>
    With add, create a new branch named <new-branch> starting at <branch>, and check out <new-branch> into the new working tree. If
    <branch> is omitted, it defaults to HEAD. By default, -b refuses to create a new branch if it already exists.  -B overrides this
    safeguard, resetting <new-branch> to <branch>.

    With add, detach HEAD in the new working tree. See "DETACHED HEAD" in git-checkout(1).

    By default, add checks out <branch>, however, --no-checkout can be used to suppress checkout in order to make customizations, such
    as configuring sparse-checkout. See "Sparse checkout" in git-read-tree(1).

    Keep the working tree locked after creation. This is the equivalent of git worktree lock after git worktree add, but without race

-n, --dry-run
    With prune, do not remove anything; just report what it would remove.

    With list, output in an easy-to-parse format for scripts. This format will remain stable across Git versions and regardless of user
    configuration. See below for details.

-v, --verbose
    With prune, report all removals.

--expire <time>
    With prune, only expire unused working trees older than <time>.

--reason <string>
    With lock, an explanation why the working tree is locked.

    Working trees can be identified by path, either relative or absolute.

    If the last path components in the working tree's path is unique among working trees, it can be used to identify worktrees. For
    example if you only have two working trees, at "/abc/def/ghi" and "/abc/def/ggg", then "ghi" or "def/ghi" is enough to point to the
    former working tree.

查看更多 git worktree 命令的使用方法,可以使用命令:

git help worktree
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